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CRUX Pile Grippers - load holding capacity 50-3000t

CRUX Pile Grippers are used to assist levelling during jacket installation and to eliminate movement between piles and sleeves during the grouting operation.

The design can be adapted to all pile sizes and load requirements. The hydraulic gripper jacks are usuallyoperated from the surface but can also be operated by ROV or diver intervention.

Crux has been involved with Pile Gripper supply for many years and now works in collaboration with well established UKbased suppliers of deep sea hydraulic systems.

Availability of Pile Grippers through Crux allows for single sourcing of related items such as Crux Grout Seals and Crux Diaphragm Closures.

Hydraulic pile Grippers
Hydraulic pile Grippers

Hydraulic pile Grippers