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Crux Products was incorporated in 1989 with the purpose of developing innovative ideas into highly reliable and cost effective products for use in the offshore installation of oil and gas production substructures.

One of our aims was to produce a reliable passive grout seal, used to support grout between piles and pile sleeves or structure legs. Since introduction, the Crux Grout Seal has been supplied for use in all oil and gas producing regions of the world, and has operated with unprecedented reliability over the complete range of pile sizes currently in use. As a passive system, opposed to the alternative inflatable active system, the Crux Grout Seal provides very clear cost and operational advantage.

With the advent of offshore wind turbine structures where the pile is pre-installed, there was a need for a large, very strong but flexible grout seal. In answer to this, Crux developed the Tongue Seal as a reliable and economical grout sealing method. The Crux Tongue Seal has now become the industry standard for wind energy structures and has been used during the installation of the world's largest wind farms. The standard Crux Grout Seal is being used widely for Wind Energy jacket and tripod structures with post driven piles.

Other types of seals have been developed for different grout supporting configurations. The Crux Tongue Seal is used where the pile is pre-installed, and has been used widely for Wind Energy structures. The Crux Eccent Seal is used where a larger eccentricity occurs between pile and sleeve, for example, where the structure is placed over pre-installed piles. The Crux Vulcan Seal is vulcanised onto a length of steel can, this allows for incorporation of the seal with compatible diameter, even where the annulus is small.

Other products include two types of Crux Diaphragm Closures, one for the purpose of auxiliary buoyancy provision and the other to prevent the ingress of seabed material into the grout annulus. The Crux Buoyancy Diaphragm is the most commonly used diaphragm worldwide. We also produce a Crux Reusable End Closure which can be used for pile flotation and as a caisson plug.

Crux Pile Grippers can be supplied to complement our Grout Seals and Diaphragm Closures. These are used to assist levelling during Jacket installation and to eliminate possible movement between the pile and its sleeve during grouting operations.

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