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CRUX Fully Removable Diaphragm Closures

Fully Removable Diaphragm Closures
Fully Removable Diaphragm Closures

Diaphragms are fitted to top and bottom of sleeves to provide buoyancy of the sleeve during installation of the Jacket.

Fully Removable Diaphragms may be required where all remnants of the rubber diaphragm have to be removed to assist further operations. An example of this would be the installation of a Jacket, where drilling through the pile sleeves is required to facilitate pile placement.

The CRUX Fully Removable Diaphragm is supplied assembled in a can. Two Diaphragms may be linked and removed together, for example when fitted to the top and bottom of a pile sleeve. An arrangement of rigging allows the diaphragm to be completely removed from the pile sleeve in one action.

Fully Removable Diaphragm Closures